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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s in CareConnect FAQs

Where does CareConnect data come from?
Authorized users can:

Is the Agfa PACS diagnostic imaging viewer available in CareConnect? What about the new webDI?
We’ve added webDI and Agfa icons to the Application Secure Access folder (where users access their applications) to make it easier for users to view current and historical diagnostic imaging information. Click on the webDI icon to view new images, and the Agfa icon to view historical images. The Agfa tab will also continue to be available in CareConnect. We’re working to add reports and images from webDI to CareConnect in 2007.

What clinical and safety alerts are included?
CareConnect displays two categories for patients with identifiable alerts: “infectious diseases” and “other” alerts. The “infectious diseases” category displays information on MRSA and VRE only. If other alerts exist, please view them in the source system, as they are not individually displayed in CareConnect. Both categories identify alerts from the Vancouver Acute, PHC and Vancouver Community systems, but not from Lions Gate Hospital.

What Vancouver Community information from the PARIS system is included in CareConnect?
Some PARIS data is excluded to protect patient privacy, including referrals for:

All other PARIS referrals are included and list the service, date and professionals who provided care.

What clinical documents are included in CareConnect?
At this time, the CareConnect EHR has no clinical documents available, but we’re working to add transcribed reports from all VCH/PHC facilities sometime in 2007.

Does CareConnect provide access to PharmaNet?
CareConnect links authorized clinicians to PharmaNet medication profiles. To access PharmaNet, CareConnect users must have an Excelleris user ID and be in an approved PharmaNet location, which includes:

Recent changes to the provincial PharmaNet regulation will allow additional access to PharmaNet in acute care settings, some ambulatory clinics and community programs. We expect to begin implementing expanded hospital access to PharmaNet in summer 2007. This service will be offered through CareConnect, or as a stand alone service. The Ministry of Health is currently developing policies and procedures for privacy, consent and audit requirements. 

How do users get access to PharmaNet?
Contact the PharmaNet project team at

What about data from other hospitals like Children's and Women's?
CareConnect does not currently include information from other health authorities, although we’re investigating this functionality.

CareConnect - An Official Mark of Vancouver Coastal Health

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